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Arms of France
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The Boyleau Sisters’ Royal Gateway to Louis VII, King of France, and Henry III, King of England

Jonathan Chénier-Daoust, and Paul Delaney, John P. DuLong

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Marguerite and Marie Boyleau were sisters who came to New France and left descendants in Acadia and Québec respectively. Many Americans and Canadians can claim descent from them. Their descent from Henry III, King of England, and Louis VII, King of France, can be illustrated for many generations through the arms of their ancestors.  These armorial lineages are based on the following sources:

  • Jonathan Chénier-Daoust, Paul Delaney, and John P. DuLong, “Les soeurs Boyleau, descendantes de Pierre de Portebise,” Mémoires de la Société généalogique canadienne-française 74:2 (Summer 2023): 91-108.
  • Jonathan Chénier-Daoust, Paul Delaney, and John P. DuLong, “Ascendance des sœurs Boyleau jusqu'à Henri III d'Angleterre,” L'Ancêtre: Revue de la Société généalogie de Québec, 50, no. 344 (Autumn 2023): 17-24.

For your entertainment we have prepared the following Adobe files:

The Boyleau Sisters’ Armorial for Their French Royal Gateway

The Boyleau Sisters' Armorial for Their English Royal Gateway

In addition, we provide a chart showing how the relationship between the famous French knight Bertrand du Guesclin and the de Mauny brothers.


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