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References for the Corse
and Dumontet Cases

 John P. DuLong

 First Draft, 9 September 2001

Please cite, quote, or photocopy only with
the written permission of the author.

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This web page contains the references cited on the following web pages:

The Origins of James Corse, ca. 1665-1696, Deerfield, Massachusetts

Alternative Hypotheses Regarding the Origins of James Corse

Elizabeth Corse, the Captive

Origins of Jean Dumontet dit Lagrandeur

Research to be Done on the Corse Case

Table of Contents

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Please note that since 1970, the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association (PVMA) collection of books and manuscripts and the Henry N. Flynt Library, also known as the Historic Deerfield Library, have been housed in the same Memorial Libraries building at Deerfield, MA.  

Letters and Emails

Corss, Charles, Lock Haven, PA, to George Sheldon, 15 October 1895, from the Corse File, PVMA.

Corss, Charles, Lock Haven, PA, to George Sheldon, 19 October 1895, from the Corse File, PVMA.

Corss, Charles, Lock Haven, PA, to George Sheldon, 16 March 1896, from the Corse File, PVMA.

Glassel, Thomas L., Brown Deer, WI, to John P. DuLong, 4 April 1994.

Glassel, Thomas L., Brown Deer, WI, to John P. DuLong, 15 July 1999, and packet of miscellaneous photocopies.

Landsman, Ned, Stony Brook, NY, to John P. DuLong, 28 November 1987.

Rogers, Elizabeth B., Utica, NY, to George Sheldon, 5 September 1895 from the Corse File, PVMA.

Shannon, Betty Carillo, Librarian, Barbados Museum and Historical Society, St. Ann's Garrison, Barbados, West Indies, to Thomas L. Glassel, 9 May 1995.

Sheldon, George, Deerfield, MA, to Charles Corss, 7 June 1897 [or 1887, the year is difficult to decipher], Letters of George Sheldon, microfilm, PVMA.

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Catlin Paper.  1685-1911.  "John Catlin, deeds, legal documents, article, program."  Box 1, Folder 1.  PVMA.

Corse File.  1696-1896.  "Corse (also Coss, Cors, Corss)."  PVMA.

Doubleday, William.  N. d.  "Deerfield Probate Inventories Prior to the Year 1740."  Typescript mss.  Memorial Libraries, Deerfield, MA.

Lawrence, Roger.  N. d.  Indian Captives. 2 vols.   Typescript mss.  American-Canadian Genealogical Society, Manchester, NH.   Soon to be published by Quentin Publications.

Massachusetts, Franklin County.  N. d.  Land Records.   Salt Lake City: Family History Library.  Microfilm no. 844472.

Melvoin, Richard I.  1981.  "The Deerfield Town Book 1670-1707: A Transcription from the Microfilm."  Typescript mss.  Memorial Libraries, Deerfield, MA. 

The town records that Melvoin transcribes jumps from 27 June 1691 to 1 March 1696/97.  However, these years are covered in the Williams (19th c.) transcripts on microfilm at the Memorial Libraries, Deerfield, MA.

National Archives of Scotland.  1679.  Entry from the Register of the Edinburgh Tolbooth relating to James CorSsan.  Reference HH11/6, 39.

__________.  1685a.  Entry from Privy Council minutes relating to Elizabeth/Elspeth CorSs, August 1685.  Reference PC1/44, 149.

__________.  1685b.  Entry from Privy Council minutes relating to John CorSan, August 1685.  Reference PC1/44, 140.

__________.  1685c.  Entry from miscellaneous Privy Council papers relating to Elizabeth Corsse, 18 August 1685.  Reference PC12/11a, 51.

Sheldon Letters.  N. d.  "Letters of George Sheldon."   Microfilm, Memorial Libraries, Deerfield, MA. 

Williams, Charles.  19th century.  "Charles Williams Copy 1670-1794."  Microfilm, Memorial Libraries, Deerfield, MA.

The microfilm names Charles Williams as the author, but the online card catalog calls him Charles Jones.   "Misc. Records: March 1817 - Feb. 1868" are on the same reel.  The call number is M 974.42 D312 5.  This microfilm also contains a partial index of the Deerfield town records.

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Adam, Frank.  [1908] 1965.  The Clans, Septs, and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands.  Rev. by Sir Thomas Innes of Learney.  7th ed.   Edinburgh and London: W & A. Johnston & G. W. Bacon Ltd.

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Carter, Samuel.  1884.  "The Route of the French and Indian Army that Sacked Deerfield Feb. 29th 1703-4 [O.S.], on there Return March to Canada with the Captives."  Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association History and Proceedings, 2 (1880-1889): 126-151.

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Coffman, Ralph J.  1978.  Solomon Stoddard.   Boston: Twayne Publishers.

Not very helpful on details about his family life.  Focuses on his theological beliefs.  Stoddard was in Barbados from 1667 to 1669 as the Chaplin for ex-Governor Searle.

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This otherwise well documented and intriguing tale of Deerfield's most famous captive, Eunice Williams, is flawed in terms of Corse information.  Demos claims that James Corse, Jr., traveled to Canada in 1730 to redeem his mother, when in actuality it was to recover his sister (see 178-179, 295, n. 29).  Both are named Elizabeth, which in part explains some of the confusion.  However, the mother was killed on the march to Canada in 1704, only daughter survived the trip.  James Corse, Jr., undoubtedly knew that his mother was deceased soon after the assault on Deerfield.

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While Melvoin's books is a very good summary of his dissertation work, the latter is more valuable to genealogists.  He mentions more minute facts about individuals in his dissertation and has some interesting demographic appendixes that were cut out of the book.

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This is a novel based on the captive experience of Stephen Williams, but it is valuable for the plan of Deerfield Fort and Street in 1704 after p. 22.

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Web Pages and CD-ROMs

The Dutch Uncle Discussion List Home Page.  1999., 24 August.

Historic Deerfield Home Page.  1999., October.  Email: library at

House of Tartan.  1999., 21 August.

James Nohl Churchyard.  1999.  The Catlin and Corse Families of Deerfield Massachusetts, 30 June.

LDS [Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints].  1993.  International Genealogical Index [CD-ROM].  Version 4.01, main file March 1993, addendum February 1997, British Isles.  Salt Lake City: Genealogical Department.  Now available online at    

LDS.  1994?.  Old Parochial Registers Index for Scotland [CD-ROM].  Salt Lake City: Genealogical Department.  Available on CD-ROM at the Family History Library and most Family History Centers.  There is also an Old Parochial Registers (OPR) Index for Scotland: Resource Guide available online from

Orr, Brian. 2001.  The Covenanters, 15 September.  

PRDH [Programme de recherche en démographie historique]. 1999-.  This is an online database of vital records from the French colonial period.  You must have an account established with PRDH to use the database.  Each record has a corresponding certificate number, which is the number cited in the Corse and Dumontet web pages.

Savage, James.  1994.  A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England...., 12 September 1999.

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