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John and Michael DuLong, 1955, Mike is still fond of me.

Dulong Family Photographs

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Welcome to the Dulong family photograph album.  On this web page I will feature select photographs from my collection of Dulong pictures.  Most of my photographs are for the Dulongs of Houghton County, Michigan, from about 1860 to now.   When my mother died, I inherited all the family photographs.  There are over a thousand of them and I am still slowly sorting through them. 

On this page you will only see thumbnail images of the photographs.   Just click on the photograph to see an enlarged image.

Please let me know if there are any pictures you would like to see and I will try and find one.  Also, please let me know if you have any photographs you would like to share with your cousins at this site.   Lastly, if you have a photograph of Édouard-François Dulong and his wife Elise Mercier, then please contact me.  This is the only set of great-grandparents for whom I do not have a photograph.  They were the couple that immigrated from Québec to northern Michigan in 1867 and are the ancestors of many of the Midwest Dulongs.


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Emile "Meo" DuLong, about 1890, Calumet, Michigan, studio photograph superimposed on a winter background.

julia.jpg (80591 bytes) Exilda "Julia" Bourbonnais, about 1887, Houghton, Michigan.

Chaput&DuLong.jpg (103371 bytes) Wedding photograph of Charles Chaput and Alvina DuLong, 17 September 1883, probably in taken in Calumet, Michigan.

Meo&family.jpg (99002 bytes) DuLong family, left to right, top row Eldred standing, middle row Priscilla, Julia (Bourbonnais), Genevieve or Lucille? with doll, Emile "Meo",Lucille or Genevieve? on Meo's lap, Irving standing, bottom row, Lloyd, Houghton County, Michigan, about 1905.

Odilon.jpg (31334 bytes) Rare photograph of Uncle Odilon "Zella" DuLong, on the left,with his sister, Alvina (DuLong) Chaput, and his brother-in-law, Charles Chaput, Hubbell, Michigan, probably 1920s or 1930s.

Irving1918.jpg (37761 bytes) Irving "Rusty" DuLong, 1918, he served in France during World War I.

1928Pontiac.jpg (107570 bytes)

Catherine "Kay" (Stanton) DuLong on a date with Joseph "Cy" DuLong and his 1928 Pontiac, Northern Michigan.

Cy&WPA.jpg (203338 bytes) Some Houghton County men on a Works Projects Administration (WPA) job, Winter, about 1930.
Joseph "Cy" Leo DuLong is the joker in the middle playing the shovel.

Dulongs1940.jpg (41828 bytes) Dulongs family, left to right, Clyde Staats Sr., Harold "Buster" DuLong, Irving "Rusty" DuLong, Clyde Staats, Jr.,Mary Kay DuLong, Julia (Bourbonnais) DuLong, Priscilla (DuLong) Symons, Charles Staats, Catherine (Stanton) DuLong, Priscilla DuLong, Joseph "Cy" DuLong,around 1940, Houghton County, Michigan.

Cy&Kay1940.jpg (122710 bytes) Joseph "Cy" DuLong and Fred DuLong with Catherine "Kay" (Stanton) DuLong holding Mary Kay DuLong and Priscilla DuLong the baby, 1940, Northern Michigan.

Chick&Julia.jpg (34726 bytes) Another son of to war, Hubert "Chick" DuLong and his mother Julia (Bourbonnais) DuLong.  He served in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

Judge&Chick&Buster.jpg (26591 bytes) The DuLong brothers, left to right, Eldred "the Judge" DuLong, Hubert "Chick" DuLong and Harold "Buster" DuLong, probably taken after 1945, Houghton County, Michigan.

Lloyd.jpg (18000 bytes) Lloyd DuLong, probably taken in the 1920s.

Lloyd and Henriette.jpg (49642 bytes) Lloyd DuLong and Henriette (Arbuckle) DuLong.

Arbuckles.jpg (45861 bytes) The Arbuckles and DuLongs, left to right, top row, Emmet Arbuckle, Aunt Dulice, Jim, Dean, Alvin holding Rosie, Henriette (Arbuckle) DuLong, Lloyd DuLong, children in bottom row, Nancy, Richard, Frank, Donald, and Juanita, about 1940s.

Buster, Lloyd, and Families.jpg (86407 bytes) Harold "Buster" DuLong, center top row, visits his brother Lloyd DuLong, to the right of Uncle Buster, and their families meet.  Does anyone know all the people in the photograph?  When was it taken?

Lloyd, Pris, and Gen.jpg (44697 bytes) Genevieve (DuLong) Staats, Lloyd DuLong, and Priscilla (DuLong) Symons (left to right).

All the Brothers were Valant.jpg (103566 bytes) All the brothers were valiant: James, Robert, and Alvin DuLong (left to right), children of Lloyd DuLong and Henriette (Arbuckle) DuLong, photograph taken around 1942.  All three served during World War II.

Frank in B&W.jpg (106999 bytes) Franklin DuLong, son of Lloyd DuLong and Henriette (Arbuckle) DuLong, in 1967.  He died in Vietnam in April 1968.

Robert.jpg (90866 bytes) Robert "Bob" DuLong, son of Lloyd DuLong and Henriette (Arbuckle) DuLong, 1940s.

Aunts.jpg (34951 bytes) Les grandes dames: The Dulong sisters, left to right, Genevieve Staats, Cecile Kerber, Lucille Cundy, Priscilla Symons, and Dolores Bayard, Hazel Park, Michigan, January 1962.

Mary.jpg (41484 bytes) Mary Kay DuLong, Hubbell, Michigan, 1940s, best sister a brother can have.

Mike&John&Families.jpg (348162 bytes) The DuLongs of Berkley, Michigan, September 1997, left to right, top row, John DuLong, Judith (Wisniewski) DuLong, Michael DuLong, Justin DuLong, middle row, Renée DuLong, Angélique DuLong, Patricia (McGuinness) DuLong, Kenneth Ozanich, Danielle (DuLong) Ozanich, bottom row, Elise DuLong, Brian McComb, Michelle (DuLong) McComb, Meghan McComb (the baby), and Andrea Ozanich.

mystery.jpg (108454 bytes) This mystery photograph was found in the home of Julia (Bourbonnais) DuLong and Emile "Meo" DuLong before it was torn down in the 1960s. 
It looks like it was taken in the 1860s.  Is this a picture of François-Édouard "Edward" DuLong and his eldest son Édouard-Elisée "Eli" DuLong?  Or is a photograph of some Bourbonnais men?


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