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Richard Dulong's Ancestors Back in France

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Richard Dulong's ancestors can be found in the parish register of Lieurey, on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here is his Dulong ancestry:

1st Generation
Helie Dulong was married around 1650 probably in Normandie, France, and died about 1683; married to Catherine Baudry who was born around 1620 and buried in Lieurey, Normandie, on 23 June 1671.
2nd Generation
Martin Dulong, a linen maker or merchant, was born about 1650 probably in Normandie; married Suzanne Hersent in December 1685 at Lieurey, Normandie, he was buried there on 16 July 1722.
3rd Generation
Gabriel Dulong, merchant, born and baptized on 27 February 1688 at Lieurey; died about 1733; married Jeanne Boissiere, daughter of Jacques Boissiere and Marie Le Moyne, 28 February 1715 at Lieurey
4th Generation
Richard Dulong of Montréal

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