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Richard Dulong's Children

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Children of His First Marriage

  1. Anonymous male child (1749-1749)
  2. Louise-Marguerite Dulong (1751-1791), married to (1) Louis Bourdon and (2) Jacques Dubois, had issue from both marriages
  3. Marie-Amable Dulong (1752-1753)
  4. Louis Dulong (1753-1755)
  5. Joseph Dulong (1754-1754)

Children of His Second Marriage

  1. Marie-Anne Dulong (1755-1756),
  2. Jacques Dulong (1757-1820), married to (1) Therese Lecuyer and (2) Ursule Bruguier, had issue from both marriages
  3. Joseph Dulong (1757-1757)
  4. René Dulong (1759-1808), married to Marie Leblanc, had issue
  5. Marie-Thérèse Dulong (1760-1760)
  6. Marie-Louise Toussaint Dulong (1761-1796), married Augustin Lemieux, no known issue

You will note that only three of Richard's eleven children survived to adulthood, married, and had children of their own. Many of his children died as infants while living with wet nurses. Both his wives sent their children to wet nurses. This was not an uncommon practice among the French bourgeoise. It was probably especially necessary since Richard undoubtedly counted on his wives for the smooth running of his inn.

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