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My Descent from Richard Dulong

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In my line of descent from Richard Dulong you will see that the Dulongs married into a diverse lot including Acadian, Métis, and noble ancestors. You can also observe a wide variety of occupations over the various generations.

1st Generation
Richard Dulong and Marie-Cécile Bazinet.
2nd Generation
René Dulong, voyageur, clerk, and farmer, born 8 February 1759 at Montréal, Jacques-Cartier County, Québec, buried 12 February 1808 at St-Jacques-de-l'Achigan, Montcalm County, Québec; married to Marie Leblanc on 1 September 1789 at L'Assomption, L'Assomption County, Québec, the daughter of Basile Leblanc and Marie Landry, Acadian refugees, born about 1755 probably in exile in Massachusetts.
3rd Generation
François-Richard Dulong, lumber worker and flour miller, born 7 March 1791 at Montréal, buried 4 February 1860 at St-Roch-de-l'Achigan, L'Assomption County, Québec; married Marie Trullier dite Lacombe, Métis, on 14 November 1820 at L'Assomption, daughter of Seraphin Truillier dit Lacombe and Marie Charlotte Cadotte (half Ojibway), born 15 December 1800 in Upper Canada, probably near Sault Ste. Marie, buried on 6 May 1833 at L'Assomption, L'Assomption County, Québec. His flour mill was at St-Roch-de-l'Achigan.   He became involved in the milling business through his mother's people.  The Leblancs were millers in the L'Assomption area.
4th Generation
François-Édouard "Edward" Dulong, day laborer and lumberjack, born 8 February 1821 at L'Assomption, died 22 August 1899, Osceola, Houghton County, Michigan; married Elise Mercier, 26 September 1843 at St-Roch-de-l'Achigan, daughter of Pierre Mercier and Marie Desanges Langlois (a descendent of the Dejordy, Robineau, Leneuf, and Legardeur noble families of Canada and France), born 22 August 1821 probably at Repentigny, L'Assomption County, Québec, died 5 March 1907 at Osceola. Edward DuLong, as he was known in the United States, immigrated first to New York before the Civil War, returned to Québec during the war, and afterwards moved to the copper mining region of Houghton County, Michigan, around 1867.
5th Generation
Emil "Meo" Eldage DuLong, teamster and surface work in the Calumet & Hecla Consolidated Mining Company (C&H) smelters, born 20 December 1871 probably near Calumet, Houghton County, Michigan, died 30 March 1926 at Hubbell, Houghton County, Michigan; married Exilda "Julia" Cecilia Bourbonnais, 20 September 1891, Houghton, Houghton County, Michigan, daughter of Henry [Brunet dit] Bourbonnais and Stephonie Monette, born 1 January 1871 probably near Houghton or on the Sturgeon River, Houghton County, Michigan, died 18 July 1955 at Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan.
6th Generation
Joseph "Cy" Leo DuLong, machine repairman at C&H and Chrysler, born 1 April 1911 at Mason, Houghton County, Michigan, died 29 January 1996 at Royal Oak, Oakland County, Michigan; married Catherine Olive Stanton, 2 April 1932 at Hubbell, daughter of John F. Stanton (a fine Irish-American railroad worker) and Rose Prince (of mixed Acadian and French Canadian ancestry, a descendent of Catherine Baillon), born 13 October 1911 at Houghton, died 9 April 1999 at Royal Oak.
7th Generation
John Patrick DuLong, Ph.D., systems analyst; married Patricia Anne McGuinness, registered nurse.

References are lacking from this lineage, however, most of the dates come from parish registers for the respective places now on microfilm at the Family History Library. I hesitated to place this information on a web page before I had time to update my data base and double check all my references. However, several cousins have contacted me and wondered how we might be related. If you can trace back to Richard Dulong, then you can see how we are related. Again, I will eventually be posting much more detailed and documented data when time permits.

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This page, and all contents, are Copyright © 1995 by John P. DuLong, Berkley, MI. Created 2 December 1995. Modified 31 October 1999.