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As a genealogists, I believe that statements of fact should and must be backed by citations to the source of information. However, I have violated this principle on this Dulong family web site. These pages are not as well documented as they should be. I have gone ahead with these pages anyway  because I was anxious to share some of the information I have collected, but not necessarily verified in detail.  The French have a saying that nothing is so permanent as the temporary. Nevertheless, I intend this limited documenting to be a temporary measure until I make further progress on the registry database.  Eventually I will be adding detailed citations the registry, and then post this information as web pages. Meanwhile, if there is a specific piece of information you need a full citation for, then please contact me and I will provide it for you.

Despite the fact that I have published several genealogical articles, I have only done one short article about Richard Dulong (DuLong 1982), and nothing about the rest of the family.

At this web site I will document the sources of my information as much as possible. I will be using the author and year method for citing sources. For example, if you see (Dupuis 1944b, 18), then this means that on the reference web page you will find the source of the information in the second book or article that Dupuis wrote in 1944 on page 18.

The following reference appear on various Dulong Family web site pages:

Dauzat, Albert.  1951.  Dictionnaire étymologique des noms de famille et prénoms de France.  Paris: Librairie Larousse.

DuLong, John P.  "Richard Dulong: The Abergiste of the rue St. Gabriel," Michigan's Habitant Heritage 3:2 (April 1982):21-23.

"Lisieux S. O.," map no. 30 (Paris: Institut géographique national, September 1943).

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Smith, Elsdon Coles.  1973.  New Dictionary of American Family Names.  New York: Harper and Row.

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This page, and all contents, are Copyright © 1995 by John P. DuLong, Berkley, MI. Created 2 December 1995. Modified 31 October 1999.