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The charm and excitement of receiving email vanished for me a long time ago. Without imposing limits I would be flooded with genealogical email asking for my help. I realize that most of the people who write to me think that they will only be taking a few minutes of my time. However, most of the questions I get asked require an hour or more to answer thoroughly. My time is very limited and most of my free time has to go to writing projects that I hope will benefit the public. Therefore, my policy is to not reply to general emails asking for my assistance with genealogical problems.

Please only contact me with specific questions or suggestions regarding my web pages, the articles and books I am working on, or if you are tracing any of the following families: Allie, Aubry, Baillon, Baldwin, Brunet dit Bourbonnais, Cadotte, Catlin, Corse, Couvent, De Gerlaise, De Jordy, Longueval, Dulong, Forest, Le Gardeur, Le Marchant, Le Neuf, McGuinness, McNellis, Mercier, Monette, Palmer, Prince (Le Prince), Riel, Robineau, or Stanton. I also welcome emails from people regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway and the Mineral Range Railroad. Lastly, I welcome any emails with corrections or suggestions to improve the content, spelling, grammar, or style of my web site or publications.

Please do NOT contact me if you have a basic question regarding French Canadian or Acadian research. Also, please do NOT email me for information about a family I am not researching. Lastly, please do NOT contact me to try and hire me to do your research.

Questions regarding the French Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan, including membership and journal issue questions, should be mailed directly to the address listed on that web page. 

If you have an appropriate reasons for emailing me, then please contact me at dulongj at

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This page, and all contents, are Copyright 1997 by John P. DuLong, Berkley, MI. Created 4 April 1997. Last modified 9 May 2016.