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New Developments in French-Canadian
Genealogical Research

John P. DuLong, Ph.D.

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The following links are discussed in my presentation discussing New Developments in French-Canadian Genealogical Research presented to the Local History Conference, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, on 21 April 2007.

Major Online Databases

  • PRDH, Le Programme de recherche en démographie historique (The Research Program in Historical Demography), genealogical database of baptism, marriage, burial, and other records from 1621 to at least 1799 abstracted and computer indexed at

  • Drouin Collection,, digital images of parish registers and other records of genealogical value at

  • BMS2000, a cooperative project involving over twenty genealogical societies in Québec and Ontario, presenting online baptism, marriage, and burial (sépulture) records at

  • Parchemin, database of notarial records from 1626 to 1784 available at locations in Québec and elsewhere. For general information concerning Parchemin please visit Pierre Benoit's summary at He has a list of locations holding CD copies of Parchemin. You can approach them and ask for a search to be done for a fee. Parchemin is produced by Archiv-Histo, you can also contact this organization about doing a search. Their address (as of autumn 2006) is as follows:

    2320, rue des Carrières
    Montréal, QC H2G 3G9
    (514) 873-6347
    (514) 873-6248, fax

  • Fichier Origine, a fee database presenting summary of records pinpointing the place of origins of Québec immigrants in France at

  • Early Canadiana Online, collection of digital images of historical and genealogical documents and publications, soon to be available through, at

  • Lastly, there is a site to mark the 400th anniversary of the French presence in North America called New France-New Horizons that also contains some interesting digital documents from archives in France and Canada at

Beauregard's Initiatives

  • FranoGene, Denis Beauregard's portal to French research in North America and France, great place to start any French-Canadian research project online, at

  • Genealogy of the French in North America, a huge genealogical dictionary incorporating additions and corrections to published and online works, at and marriages only available on CD.

Library and Archives of Canada

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

Minor Online References

Books and Databases on CD

Royal Gateway Breakthroughs

PowerPoint Presentation

Please respect my intellectual property rights and do not share copies of my PowerPoint presentation with others. Rather, I would prefer that you tell them to visit this webpage and download it from her so I can track the number of hits. Thank you.

New Developments in French-Canadian Genealogical Research PowerPoint Presentation

French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan

For help in tracing your French-Canadian ancestry please consider joining the French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan. Point your browser to to learn more about this group. We now offer an email list you can join to exchange messages regarding French-Canadian genealogy, history, and culture.


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This page, and all contents, are Copyright 1997 by John P. DuLong, Berkley, MI. Created 4 April 2007. Last modified 27 April 2008.