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Here is a list of my publications, forthcomming pieces, and items I have either started to write or plan to write. I also include letters, replies to queries, and mentions of my work here. When possible I have included links to copies of the articles. I did not include articles that I thought were insignificant, out-of-date, or I do not have the publisher's permission to put them online.. However, if you are interested in an item that does not have a link, then please email me and I will see what we can arrange.

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DuLong, John P., and Richard J. Omlor. Registry of the Members and Ancestors: Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Michigan. Decorah, IA: Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Michigan, printed at Anundsen Publishing Co., 1994.

DuLong, John P. French Canadian Genealogical Research. Palm Harbor, FL: The Lisi Press, 1995.

René Jetté, John Patrick DuLong, Roland-Yves Gagné, Gail F. Moreau, and Joseph A. Dubé. Table d'ascendance de Catherine Baillon (12 générations). Montréal: Société généalogique canadienne-française, 2001.

DuLong, John P. French Canadians in Michigan. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State Univeristy Press, 2001. Part of the Discovering the Peoples of Michigan series.

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DuLong, John P. "Genealogical Groups in a Changing Organizational Environment: From Lineage to Heritage." Ph.D. dissertation, Wayne State University, 1986.

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In chronological order of publication.

DuLong, John P. "Tec Cornelius Aubry: An Irish Habitant in New France." Michigan's Habitant Heritage: Quarterly Journal of the French Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan 1:3&4 (October 1980):1-6.

DuLong, John P. "Joseph Prince: An Elusive Ancestor." Michigan's Habitant Heritage 2:3 (July 1981):40-42.

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DuLong, John P. "A Review of Thomas J. Laforest's Our French Canadian Ancestors." Michigan's Habitant Heritage 5:2 (April 1984):41-42.

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DuLong, John P. "French Canadian and Acadian Loyalists." In the Footsteps of the Habitant, 1986 Seminar Annual. Toronto: Ontario Genealogical Society, 1986, pp. 49-59. Reprinted in Families: Ontario Genealogical Society 42:2 (May 2003):75-86.

DuLong, John P. "The Mystery of the Two Basile Leblancs and the One Marie Landry." Acadian Genealogy Exchange 17:2 (April 1988):44-56.

DuLong, John P. "Engagements: Guide to Fur Trade Employment Contracts, 1670-1821." Michigan's Habitant Heritage 10:3 (July 1989):47-57. Abbreviated and reprinted with permission as "Tracing Voyageur Ancestors." North West Courant: Quarterly Journal of the Volunteers of Old Fort William 2:3 (Winter 1990):13-17.

DuLong, John P., "Translated Example of a North West Company Engagement." Michigan's Habitant Heritage 10:3 (July 1989):58.

DuLong, John P. "French Canadian Genealogical Research in Houghton County, Michigan." Michigan's Habitant Heritage, 5 part series:

  • Part I: Introduction and Historical Background, 10:4 (October 1989):98-103.
  • Part II: Houghton County Courthouse, 11:1 (January 1990):19-21.
  • Part III: Copper Country Archives, 11:2 (April 1990):39-44.
  • Part IV: Roman Catholic Church Records and Cemeteries, 11:3 (July 1990):56-59.
  • Part V: Conclusion and Bibliography, 11:4 (October 1990):82-86.

This series on Houghton County French Canadian Genealogical Research is now available online at

DuLong, John P. "The History of New France: Competing Perspectives, Parkman vs. Eccles, Bibliography." Cancanier: Newsletter for the French Colonial Heritage Society and Les Soldats de la Troupes de Marines du Belêtre 3:2 (February 1990):9-10 [numbered 1-2].

DuLong, John P. "Schedule of French Colonial Reenactment Events." Michigan's Habitant Heritage 12:1 (January 1991):26-27.

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  • Part I: The Louviers Manuscript as a Key to a Royal Pedigree, 19:1 (Winter 1993):4-8.
  • Part II: The Louviers Manuscript, 19:2 (Spring 1993):42-45.
  • Part III: Translation of the Louviers Manuscript, 19:3 (Summer 1993):116-125.
  • Part IV: Evaluating the Manuscript, 19:4 (Fall 1993):153-158.

DuLong, John P. "The Family Secrets of the Le Neuf Origins in France." Lost in Canada? 17:2 (Spring 1993):58-71.

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DuLong, John P.  "Les origines de l'acadien Michel Forest." Translated by Denis Forest.  L'Association des Forest, Foret et de Forest d'Amérique [Newsletter], in two parts, part 1, 5:2 (Summer 1998): 1, 3-9; and part 2, 5:3 (Fall 1998): 3-12. This is a French translation of my "The Origins of the Acadian Michel Forest," published on the Internet at, 8 December 1997.

DuLong, John P.  "The Origins of the Acadian Michel Forest.Acadian Genealogy Exchange 17:4 (October 1998):103-121.

Jetté, René, John P. DuLong, Roland-Yves Gagné, and Gail F. Moreau. "From Catherine Baillon to Charlemagne." American-Canadian Genealogist 25:4 (1999): 170-200. This article is now available free to download from the American-Canadian Genealogical Society at their website:

Jetté, René, Roland-Yves Gagné, John Patrick DuLong, and Paul Leportier. "Les Le Neuf: état des connaissances." Mémoires de la Société généalogique canadienne-française 51:3 (Autumn 2000): 209-227. For an important update on the Le Neuf family, see René Jetté, "Du neuf sur les Le Neuf," Mémoires de la Société généalogique canadienne-française 53:2 (Summer 2002): 143-144.

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Jetté, René, Roland-Yves Gagné, John Patrick DuLong, and Paul LePortier. "The Le Neuf Family: State of Knowledge." Michigan's Habitant Heritage, 3 part series:

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  • Part II, 24:1 (January 2003): 1-9;
  • Part III, 24:2 (April 2003): 49-55.

DuLong, John P. "When is a Dulong not a Dulong? When he is a Dulin!" Acadian Genealogy Exchange 32:1 (May 2003): 39-40. Reprint of

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  • Part I, 24:2 (April 2003): 88-93;
  • Part II, 24:4 (October 2003): 192-196.

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  • Part I: Origins and Ancestry in France, 31:1 (January 2010): 36-45;
  • Part II: Military Career, 31:2 (April 2010): 57-77;
  • Part III: Family in Canada, 31:3 (July 2010): 131-138.

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  • Part I: 36:4 (October 2015): 188-198;
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  • Part IIIa: 37:2 (April 2016): 85-97;
  • Part IIIb: 37:3 (July 2016): 156-166.

DuLong, John P. "The Cadottes, the Indian Department, and the War of 1812." Michigan's Habitant Heritage, 2 part series:

  • Part I: 37:4 (October 2016): 181-187;
  • Part II: 38:1 (January 2017): 31-37.

DuLong, John P. "Thècle Cornelius Aubry: A Second Look at an Irish Habitant in New France." Michigan's Habitant Heritage, 3 part series:

  • Part I: 38:2 (April 2017): 49-55;
  • Part II: 38:3 (July 2017): 124-128;
  • Part III: 38:4 (October 2017): 175-183.

DuLong, Patricia A. (McGuinness), and John P. DuLong, "The Vesey Family: Three Generations in Ireland," The Irish Genealogist 15, no. 1 (2018): 46-69.

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Replies to Queries

DuLong, John P. Reply to Leblanc/Landry query A-1073. Mémoires de la Société Généalogique Canadienne-Française 41:1 (Spring 1990):66 for query and 41:3 (Autumn 1990):245 for reply.

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Stewart, Lois.  "Doubts Cast on Any Relationship Between the Deforests of Leyden and the Forests of Acadia."  The Society of Descendants of Johannes de la Montagne News Letter 15 (Spring and Summer 1998): 1472, also see emails on 1513.

Caron, Caroline-Isabelle.  Se créer des ancêtres.   Les écrits historiques et généalogiques des de Forest et des Forest d'Amérique du Nord, 19e et 20e siècles.  Ph.D. diss., McGill University, 2001, passim.

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Devine, Heather. The People Who Own Themselves: Aboriginal Ethnogenesis in a Canadian Family, 1660-1900. Calgary: Univeristy of Calgary Press, 2004.

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CompuServe Roots Forum File Uploads

DuLong, John P. "Table of Ranks of Royalty and Nobility." File name: RANKS.ASC. Uploaded on 17 April 1992.

DuLong, John P. "Bibliography for Research in British & Continental Royal & Noble Lineages & Heraldry: Additional Titles Relating to French Families." File name: ROYALF.ASC. Uploaded on 19 April 1992. [This is a supplement to Michael K. Smith's royal and noble bibliography file.]

DuLong, John P. "Lhuillier French Nobles Data." File name: LUILLI.GED. Uploaded on 19 June 1992. [This is a PAF GEDCOM file containing genealogical information about the Lhuillier family, ancestors of Catherine de Baillon.]

DuLong, John P. "Future of Franco-American Genealogy." File name: FUTURE.DOS. Uploaded 31 December 1992.

DuLong, John P. "Review of Jette's Traite de Genealogie." File name: JETTE.RVW. Uploaded on 2 June 1993.

DuLong, John P. "French Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan." File name: FCHSM.TXT. Uploaded 16 July 1994.

DuLong, John P. "Baillon Royal Connection Research Association." File name: BAILROY1.DOS. Uploaded 4 August 1994.

DuLong, John P. "Parchemin Project Update." File name: PARCHUP.TXT. Uploaded 31 December 1994.

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In the Publication Queue

The following pieces have been accepted for publication and are either being further edited or are waiting to be printed:

Nothing at this time in the queue.

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Works in Progress

The following pieces are in various states of completion. Some are outlined and others have a first or second draft. The journals that I plan to submit these articles to for consideration are not aware of my plans, nor have they accepted the articles for publication. I list these works in the order in which I hope to complete them.

DuLong, John P. Tracing Your French Ancestry. To be a comprehensive guide for doing French Canadian, Acadian (Cajun), Creole, Huguenot, Métis, Walloon, Swiss, and French genealogy in North America and France. I have signed a contract with Ancestry, Inc. As of 20 January 2003, I have put this project on hold. Although I have written a considerable amount, this book still requires many more hours of effort that I no longer have available to me. I am unsure what my ultimate plan is for this book.

DuLong, John P., and Patricia A. (McGuinness) DuLong. The Ancestry of Major James Palmer, Inspector General of Prisons and Lunatic Asylums in Ireland, 1780-1850: An Anglo-Irish Pedigree.

DuLong, John P. "The Royal Genealogists of the King of France: The Genealogical Value of the Records They Created."

DuLong, John P. "Tracing Ancestors in the French Nobility."

DuLong, John P. "Richard DuLong, Innkeeper of the Rue St-Gabriel."

DuLong, John P.  Genealogical Guide to Michigan's Copper Country.

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For reprints of my articles please make a request of the Periodical Source Index project at the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This fine institution has the largest genealogy journal and magazine collection in the world. Please point your browser to ArticleFulfillment.pdf for a copy of the request form, the rules, and pricing.

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