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Corday Arms

De Corday Royal Gateway to Louis VII, King of France

Jonathan Chénier-Daoust and John P. DuLong

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On 11 June 1636, the Saint-Joseph arrived at Québec from Normandy. On board were some of the first nobles to permantely settle in France. The noble lady Catherine de Corday, the widow of René Le Gardeur, arrived with her children: Pierre Legardeur de Repentigny, Charles Legardeur de Tilly, and Marguerite Legardeur, wife of Jacques Leneuf de la Poterie. Catherine died on 7 June 1657 at Québec never having returned to France but knowing that her children were succsesssfully settled in New France. Her ancestry has been traced and she is found to be a royal gateway ancestress. For details see:

Jonathan Chénier-Daoust and John P. DuLong, "Généalogie ascendante de Catherine de Corday à Louis VII, roi de France," Mémoires de la Société généalogique canadienne-française 73:3 (Autumn 2022): 175-188.

For you entertainment I have prepared an armorial lineage for Catherine de Corday showing her descent from Louis VII, king of France.

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