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The widow Dulong and her children.  Top row, left to right: Eldred and Irving.  Middle row, left to right: Hubert, Lloyd, Cecilia, Harold, and Joseph.   Bottom row, left to right: Dolores, Priscilla, Julia (née Bourbonnais), Genevieve, and Lucille.  Done at Steckbauer's studio, Calumet, Michigan, around 1926.

The Dulong Family

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With a few exceptions, all most all people with the surname Dulong in the United States and Canada descend from Richard Dulong. He was born in 1718 in Normandie, France, and moved to New France around 1745, eventually becoming an innkeeper in Montréal where he died in 1787.  In my research, I have been able to trace Richard Dulong's ancestry back three generations in France and forward to his descendants living in Québec, Ontario, Michigan, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Montana, and Indiana.  If you are a Dulong from eastern Massachusetts or Nova Scotia, then you should look at my special report on your family for a surprise. 

This web site is dedicated to the Dulong family and covers, or will eventually offer, the following topics and features:

Dulong Family Registry: A database of North American and French Dulongs organized by families with a name index
Dulong Questionnaire: Please complete the questionnaire and I will try to help you link to the other Dulongs [Temporarily removed until I can configure a new script to process this form.]
Dulong Discussion Group at Ancestry: This site is underutilized, I suggest we use it to share our comments and observations about the Dulong family
Announcements of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
Accomplishments and News
Addresses and Contacts
Photographs of the Dulong Family, please be patient, this web page loads slowly because of the size and number of images
Dulong Family Reunions
Dulongs Who Served Their Country
Dulongs in Business
Origin of the Dulong Surname
Just Meo DuLong, a report on my grandfather's name
Places the Dulongs Have Lived in France and North America
Growth and Spread of the Dulong Family
The Story of Richard Dulong
Richard Dulong's Liquor License
Richard Dulong's Notarial Contracts
Richard Dulong's Children
Richard Dulong's Ancestors Back in France
My Descent from Richard Dulong
History of the Dulong Family in North America
Famous and Infamous Dulongs
Les Boudreau et Dulong, this web site has data on Dulongs in Québec, brought to you by Régis Boudreau
Dulin Family as Dulongs

For our French speaking cousins I apologize for the lack of French pages.   However, if anyone wants to translate these pages, I will be happy to add the translation.  I can read French and translate it into English, but I am afraid that I do not have the skills to translate from English into French.

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