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Le Neuf Family Research:
Ascending Lineage from Jeanne Le Marchand to Charlemagne

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Jeanne Le Marchand is the mother of Michel Le Neuf du Hérisson, Jacques Le Neuf de La Poterie, Madeline Le Neuf the wife of Jean Le Poutrel, and Marie Le Neuf the wife of Jean Godefroy.  Through Jeanne Le Marchand many people in France, Canada, and the United States descend from Charlemagne.  This ascending lineage shows just one of her descents from Charlemagne that goes through Mathilda of Flanders, the wife of William the Conqueror.

    1. Jeanne Le Marchand and Mathieu Le Neuf, sieur of the Hérisson, m. a little after the promise to wed, 5 December 1599, Protestant Temple of Caen, Normandy.

    2. Stévnotte de St-Germain and Gervais Le Marchand, sieur of La Bellnière, mc. 21 April 1570.

    3. Oliver II de St-Germain, sieur of the Post, and François de Breul, m. ca. 1540.

    4. François de St-Germain, sieur of the Post, and Hélène de Corday, m. ca. 1500-1510.

    5. Olivier I de St-Germain, sieur of the Post, and Jeanne de Rouellé, m. ca. 1460-1470.

    6. Jeanne de La Poterie and Jean de St-Germain, m. ca. 1440-1450.

    7. Jean de La Poterie, seigneur of La Nocherie, and Perrette de Roussel, m. ca. 1410-1420.

    8. Almaric de La Poterie and Philippote de Lignon, m. ca. 1380-1390.

    9. Perrette Rousée, dame of La Nocherie, and Jean de La Poterie, m. ca. 1350-1360.

    10. Jeanne de Vassy and Robert Rousée, seigneur of La Nocherie, m. ca. 1330.

    11. Isabelle Tesson and Roland III de Vassy, seigneur of La Forêt-Auvray, m. before the feast of St-Maur 1312.

    12. Jean II Tesson, seigneur de Subligny, et Thomasse —?—, m. ca. 1280-1290.

    13. Jean I Tesson, seigneur de Subligny et  —?—, m. ca. 1250-1260.

    14. Pétronille / Pernelle de Montfort, dame of Rambouillet, and Raoul Paynel (who took the surname of Tesson), m. ca. 1239.

    15. Guy de Montfort, Count of Bigorre in the name of his wife, and Pétroinille de Comminges, Countess of Bigorre, mc. November 1216.

    16. Alix de Montmorency and Simon V, seigneur de Montfort, Duke of Narbonne, Vicount of Béziers and Carcassonne, and 5th Earl of Leicester (participant in the 4th Crusade and leader of the Albigensian Crusade), m. before 1190.

    17. Bouchard IV, lord of Montmorency, and Laurence / Laurette of Hainaut, m. 1173.

    18. Aline / Alice / Alix FitzRoy, bastard of England, and Mathieu I, lord of Montmorency, m. ca. 1126.

    19. Henry I, Beauclerc, King of England, and —?—, a mistress.  Henry had many illegitimate children including nine sons and possibly fifteen daughters.

    20. Mathilda of Flanders and William I, the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, King of England, m. ca. 1050.

    21. Baldwin V, de l’Isle, Count of Flanders, and Adèle of France, daughter of Robert II, King of France, m. 1028, Paris.

    22. Baldwin IV, the Bearded, Count of Flanders, and Ogive of Vaudrevange / Wallerfangen (Luxembourg), m. ca. -1010.

    23. Arnulf II, the Young, Count of Flanders, and Suzanne (or Rozala) of Lombardy (Italy), m. ca. 980-985. 

    24. Baldwin III, Count of Flanders, and Mathilde of Saxony, m. 961.

    25. Arnulf I, the Great, Count of Flanders, and Adele de Vermandois, m. 922.

    26. Baldwin II, the Bald, Count of Flanders, and Aelfthryth of Wessex (England), daughter of Alfred the Great, m. 884.

    27. Judith of France and Baldwin I, Bras de fer (Arm of Iron), Count of Flanders, m. before 23 November 862, Auxerre (Yonne) Burgundy.

    28. Charles II, the Bald, King of Neustria, King the West Franks, King of (western) Lorraine, King of Italy, and Emperor of the West, and Ermentrude of Orléans, m. 13 December 842, Quierzy (Aisne) Picardy.

    29. Louis I the Pious, King of Aquitaine and Emperor of the West, and Judith of Altorf (Bavaria), m. February 819.

    30. Charles I, called Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Emperor of the West, and Hildegard of Vinzgau (Swabia), m. before 30 April 771, Aachen, modern-day Germany.

Sources: Generations 1 through 30, Roland-Yves Gagné, ”Les origines des familles Le Neuf et Le Gardeur,” part 4 of 8, ”Les cinq enfants de Mathieu Le Neuf et Jeanne Le Marchand,” Mémoires de la Société généalogique canadienne-française 64, no. 4, issue 278 (winter 2013) :261-280, see 280.  Generations 1 through 17, René Jetté, Roland-Yves Gagné, John Patrick DuLong, and Paul Leportier, ”Les Le Neuf: état des connaissances,” Mémoires de la Société généalogique canadienne-française 51, no. 3, issue 225 (autumn 2000): 209-227. Generations 16 through 30, Douglas Richardson, Royal Ancestry: A Study in Colonial & Medieval Families, 5 vols., edited by Kimball G. Everingham (Salt Lake City, Utah: Douglas Richardson, 2013), 1:1-18, 3:563, 4:145, and 5:483, 492-498.

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